How to make a fish tank look amazing!

There are a couple of great ways to enhance the appearance of your fish tank, for example one can use rockeries set ups, or they can even use plant based set ups.

Both are common and I like to use both for my clients. I don’t do reef tanks, because I don’t have the equipment. I’d love to get into it but right now my back can’t take moving those damn heavy corals.

I try to build a V shape tank. Basically lots of wood and plants build layers leading down to a beautiful moss bed.

1. Use LED lights:

These things are tiny little things but very powerful, I don’t really use the tubing any more if i’m doing a client tank.  I like to use LED lights to bring out the best in the fish.

Boy have things changed since my first tank! The bill is a lot lower too which makes my wife happier. Who’d have thought these things are cheaper to run and more powerful.

My grandkids are using phones the size of my fingers though so it’s no wonder that things have come on a bit.

2. Use my aqua-scaping service:

I’m really proud of what I do and there have been some wonderful clients kind enough to share photos of the work online. I don’t have any to hand but I’m still figuring this thing out.

Using a service to build your tank has a lot of advantages:

  • It’s a pain
  • I do it for you
  • You don’t end up with all your fish and plants dying
  • I test water quality!
  • I have beautiful results.

3. Have great fish

Although I breed guppies because that’s all the local kids want, in fact, they usually end up sending me back a bloody 100 of them after they get tired of keeping fish.

But the best thing to have a beautiful tank is to combine a lot of community fish together and then the end result with aquascaping and a nice blue LED is amazing.

4. Put up a cabinet. 

Stop being tight and just fork out a decent hardwood cabinet to put a tank in.

I think one of the reasons people can’t keep fish tanks in the long term is that they don’t like where it’s put. Make it part of the furniture and you will not regret the outcome.