Dive into the world of the enigmatic Arowana, a fish that’s captivated aquarists and mystics alike. You’ve probably heard whispers of its legendary status, often dubbed the “dragon fish” for its sinuous body and scales that glint like coins.

But what makes the Arowana truly fascinating isn’t just its striking appearance. It’s shrouded in tales and superstitions, with some believing it brings wealth and good luck. You’re about to uncover the allure that’s kept this aquatic enigma swimming in the limelight.

Whether you’re an avid fish enthusiast or simply intrigued by the unusual, the Arowana’s story is one that’ll hook you from the start. Let’s plunge in and explore the depths of its mysterious charm.

The Enigmatic Appearance of the Arowana

When you gaze upon an Arowana, you’re immediately struck by its gleaming scales that come in a mesmerizing array of colours. The scales shimmer with metallic hues, often reflecting light in a way that’s reminiscent of a living piece of ancient armory. This feature is not just for aesthetics; the scales play a pivotal role in the Arowana’s survival, acting as a tough layer of armor against potential predators.

The Arowana’s body shape is another aspect that demands attention. It’s elongated, almost resembling a torpedo, designed for serpentine movements through the water. Their large, wing-like pectoral fins seem to lend a certain majesty as they glide effortlessly in their aquatic domains.

  • Metallic Scales
  • Elongated Body
  • Large Pectoral Fins

What’s particularly fascinating about these creatures is the variety found within the species. Ranging from the Silver Arowana commonly seen in South America to the vibrant Super Red Arowana from Asia, each type has specific characteristics that set it apart. The Super Red Arowana, for example, is intensely sought-after for the deep, rich colour that seems almost unreal in its intensity.

Their eyes, often alert and scrutinizing, give them a somewhat prehistoric and intelligent look, adding to the lore that they are magical beings trapped in fish form. Indeed, their appearance alone fuels much of the mythology that surrounds them, making them not only a prize for aquarists but also a centre piece for conversation and intrigue.

Arowana: The Myth and Mystery

The Arowana isn’t just a captivating presence in the water; it’s steeped in rich folklore. Myths and legends from Asia speak of this fish as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. In Chinese culture, it’s often synonymous with the dragon, revered for its power and strength. The resemblance the Arowana bears to this mythical creature with its sinuous body and reflective scales only reinforces this cultural connection.

There’s a timeless allure surrounding the Arowana that goes beyond its external beauty. It’s said that owning one brings great benefits, but not without challenges. They need specific conditions to thrive and considerable care, which not only reflects the owner’s commitment but also adds to the fish’s mystique.

  • Wealth Attraction: Due to their dragon-like appearance, Arowanas are believed to attract positive energy in Feng Shui, luring wealth into one’s life.
  • Status Symbol: Possessing a rare and expensive Arowana isn’t just about the aesthetics—it’s a symbol of status, indicating the owner’s success and influence.

The fish’s air of mystery is further amplified by the stories of its behavior. Arowanas are known to be attentive and responsive to their owners, sparking anecdotes about their supposed supernatural awareness and intelligence. Fish enthusiasts share tales of Arowanas throwing tantrums or even recognizing individuals, feeding the enigma that surrounds their existence.

The Symbolism and Superstitions Surrounding the Arowana

Delving deeper into the lore, you’ll find the Arowana’s symbolism stretches far beyond mere aesthetics. This aquatic marvel dons multiple cultural hats, each steeped in tradition and age-old beliefs.

Feng Shui practitioners often reference the Arowana as a potent emblem of affluence, hailing its supposed powers to attract and safeguard wealth. Not only does its glittering, dragon-esque scale coat mirror Chinese dragons, which are ultimate symbols of potency and prosperity, but its vigorous movements recall the dragon’s lively spirit.

Moreover, the Arowana’s scale colors hold purpose, with the golden Arowana being a particular favorite. It’s thought that the more radiant the scales, the more potent the fish’s charm. You’ll find these creatures prominently placed in homes and businesses, as it’s believed they’ll not only protect existing wealth but also reel in more fortune.

The reverence for these fish often translates into superstition. Tales recount stories of Arowanas leaping out of water to warn owners of impending danger or bad fortune. It’s as if they possess a sixth sense, adding to their mysterious allure. The same alertness they demonstrate in their habitats plays out in these narratives, suggesting a connection between the fish and their human counterparts.

Should you ever decide to adopt an Arowana, you’re also embracing the rituals that come along with it. Rituals extend to specific feeding practices and even auspicious dates for purchase, all to ensure the highest levels of good luck and positive energy.

As you delve into the world of the Arowana, you’ll uncover a complex tapestry of beliefs affecting not just the care but also the position this fascinating fish occupies in homes and hearts.

The Captivating World of Arowana Keeping

Diving into the realm of Arowana keeping, you’ll find that it’s a hobby blending patience, dedication, and, importantly, a significant investment. The rarity and allure of these creatures have spun a global network of enthusiasts determined to nurture these living jewels.

Firstly, consider the premium prices Arowanas command. Affording one isn’t a casual affair. The most coveted, like the albino and golden varieties, often fetch tens of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands. Here are some stark figures reflecting the cost bracket of different types:

Type of Arowana Price Range
Silver £100 – £300
Golden £1,000 – £70,000
Super Red £500 – £5,000
Albino Up to £300,000

As an aspiring Arowana keeper, you’re also diving into a controversial sphere due to conservation status and regulation complexities. Some types are endangered, making the legality of trade a delicate issue. You’ll need to navigate a maze of import regulations and certification requirements to ensure your aquarium hobby aligns with international conservation efforts.

In terms of tank setup and maintenance, it’s critical to mimic the Arowana’s natural habitat to keep them thriving. They demand large tanks with plenty of space to swim and jump, as they’re known for their agility. Water conditions must be immaculate, requiring robust filtration systems and regular water changes. Dietary needs are specific, too; these piscivores prefer live or frozen feed like shrimp and small fish.

Joining the community of Arowana keepers means connecting with others who share your passion. There are forums, social media groups, and clubs where keepers swap tips, share success stories, and even trade these prized fish. The camaraderie amidst Arowana enthusiasts is palpable, with collective efforts often focused on breeding initiatives and sustainability practices.


So you’ve seen that diving into the world of Arowana keeping isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s an adventure that calls for real commitment and a willingness to invest not just your money but also your time and care. You’re joining a unique community of enthusiasts who understand the value and beauty of these aquatic treasures. Remember, while the allure of Arowanas is undeniable, their well-being hinges on your dedication to creating a slice of the wild within the confines of your home. Keep that passion for excellence alive and you’ll not only contribute to the preservation of a species but also to the art of fishkeeping. Happy Arowana adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Arowana fish?

Arowanas are large and beautifully coloured freshwater fish, often considered a symbol of luck and prosperity. They are also known as “living jewels” due to their shimmering scales.

Why are Arowanas so expensive?

Arowanas command high prices due to their popularity, beauty, and status as luxury pets. Certain rare varieties can fetch tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What is required to keep an Arowana?

Keeping an Arowana requires dedication, patience, a significant investment, a large tank, immaculate water conditions, and a specific diet to ensure their wellbeing.

Why is Arowana keeping controversial?

The controversy stems from conservation issues, as some Arowana species are endangered. Regulation complexities arise regarding their sale and breeding, which impacts their keeping.

How do Arowana keepers connect with one another?

Arowana enthusiasts connect through communities where they share tips, experiences, and trade fish. These communities can be found in online forums, social media groups, and fishkeeping clubs.