All things for sale are sold privately, out of my own home. I live in New Zealand and the UK so I’m not always available. When I’m in the UK I provide my service all over without limitation.

Please get in touch to arrange an order.

I sell:

Aged Fish tanks

When you first buy a fish tank you have to invest a lot of energy into ‘aging’ it prior to introducing fish. Not anymore!



The great thing about buying Guppies from me is that all have been well taken care of, it a beautiful, mature and clean tank.


Aquarium Plants

Again with my aquarium plants, you don’t have to worry about them integrating. I have the plant well rooted in a pot easily transferred to your substrate.


My Services:



Aquascaping is not an easy thing to do! I’ll assess your water PH and various other factors and supply all the right plants to create a haven for your fish.

Filter Repair

With filtration products becoming increasingly expensive, I can repair your broken filter saving you money in the long run.

I also have an Etsy shop and sell Vivariums and hanging plants that I make on the side.